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Have you ever wanted the magical pot in your kitchen that could make the most delicious, aromatic, and nutritional food with much lesser time, energy, and effort? Pressure cookers are capable of cooking much efficiently in terms of time, effort, and energy and the food prepared is much higher in terms of nutritional value, taste, and aroma. Pressure cookers work by trapping steam inside the sealed vessel and in this manner the temperature inside the vessel is much higher. Listed below are some of the magical uses of a pressure cooker:

Make the Most Tender, Moist Meat

Pressure cookers are capable of cooking meat in a fraction of time. While roast takes about three hours to cook through conventional methods; pressure cooking takes only thirty to forty minutes for that. That’s not it! Meat cooked in the pressure cooker is much more moist and tender as the steam is looked inside the cooker which prevents the key nutrients from being lost and the deepest flavors to come out. Caramelizing, browning, and searing the meat is much better in the pressure cooker than any other cooking methods. Moreover, the broth made in the pressure cooker is much more delicious and rich.

Cook Lentils, Grains, and Beans

Lentils and beans could be cooked in a pressure cooker much quickly. Pressure cooking enhances the digestibility of grains and beans as it reduces the antinutrients like phytic acid and lectins during the process of cooking. Pressure cooking can reduce the time taken for cooking lentils, grains, and beans by nearly eighty percent as compared to conventional cooking methods.

Making the Perfect Rice

Cooking delicious and perfect rice does not require having a rice cooker. A pressure cooker makes rice instantly and that might eliminate the need to buy factory-processed instant rice. Though cooking rice is much easier in electric pressure cookers and some latest pressure cookers can do the task much conveniently. Nevertheless, stovetop pressure cookers can also make the perfect rise instantly using the pot in pot method.  If you want to buy one, make sure you read best pressure cooker reviews on this website to get all information and to get the best one for you.

Making Cakes without Oven

Don’t have an oven and you are craving for a cake? Don’t worry; you can make the perfect cake using your pressure cooker. Not only that, cakes made in the pressure cooker are much moist and lighter in texture as compared to those made in the oven.

Making Healthy Soups

Soups made in the pressure cooker are much more nutritional as pressure cooking saves the nutrition from escaping unlike boiling and other cooking methods. Pressure cooker can make healthy soups much quicker and it is believed that soups prepared in pressure cooker take less than one third of the time.